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Patrick Defossez (Belgium) – composer, pianist
Patrick Defossez is a classically trained pianist and composer. He describes himself as a “pluriesthetic” composer who attaches great importance both to the “art” element of (so-called) contemporary classical music and to the influences derived from improvised music, jazz, and electroacoustic music.  This breaking down of barriers goes beyond music, towards a form of synesthesia where words, images, sounds and space are components of the musical environment in their own right.

Anne-Gabriel Debaecker (Belgium) – composer, musicologist, composer, pianist and electroacoustician
Starting at age four, Anne-Gabriel Debaecker’s musical studies began on the “Ondes Martenot” with French inventor Maurice Martenot.  In her early twenties, she was a pianist with the Female Jazz Band and the jazz tentet Anacaona, as well as teaching music to the dancers of Free Dance Song at the University City International. In 1984 she obtained a degree in musicology at Paris VIII with Marc Battier and Daniel Charles.  Since 1993 she has been the coordinator of the jazz department CRDDT de Pantin, France.  In early 2000 she obtained a Master in Music Composition at the Conservatoire of Reims, France, with a thesis based on “Improvisation and electroacoustic devices in concert practice”.  With composer and pianist Patrick Defossez, she founded the association 2d’Lyres.  She writes and plays electroacoustic music throughout France.

Jean-Bernard Pouy (France) – author
Born in 1946, French author Jean-Bernard Pouy is an inventive and prolific surreal crime writer.  He was awarded the Grand Prix of Black Humor in 2008 and is a fierce defender of the popular novel (Prix Paul Féval 1996). Compared to Jean-Patrick Manchette, who published his first novel in 1971 and opened the way for the renewal of the French Polar, Pouy belongs to the second generation of writers dedicated to this genre, the Neo-Polar.  The main characters in his novels are frequently recruited from the left (in France this is often Trotskyists or Anarchists).  His stories are spiked with malicious humor, they are straightforward and surprise with unusual ideas and motifs.  For his crime series The Time, he was awarded the “Prix polar Michel Lebrun”.  At the end of the nineties, Pouy created and edits the crime series Le Poulpe, in which different authors tell stories about the same protagonists.  He is the author of Spinoza Fucking Hegel (Albin Michel, 1983), We Have Burned a Saint (Gallimard, 1984), La Belle de Fontenay (Gallimard, 1992), La Pêche aux anges (Thousand and One Nights, 1997), La Farce du destin with Patrick Raynal (Les Contrebandiers éditeurs, 2004), and Nus (Fayard, 2007).

Mathieu Chamagne (France) – musician, composer, multimedia developer
Chamagne is a developer of electroacoustic instruments that mix analogical and digital synthesizers and prepared sound objects.  He manipulates data, images, and sounds in real time, creating multimedia performances which combine theatre, cinema, poetry, dance, visual art, and improvised music.  Since 2006, Chamagne has been a member of the data-processing group, GMEA (Groupe de Musique Electroacoustique d’Albi at the Centre National de Création Musicale) where he develops new interfaces for the real time control of sound synthesis and spatialization.  Through experimentation and the development of innovative/interactive devices he creates, explores, and questions the direction and role of the musical gesture in the live interpretation of electronic music, blurring the lines between composition, interpretation, and improvisation.   He is famous in France for his development of the multimedia “Aperture”, a frame with built in sensors that allows musicians to control electronic and recorded sound through physical gesture.

CO2 Musicians along with Patrick and Anne-Gabriel Debaecker

Janice Isabel Jackson (Canada) – soprano, contemporary music specialist, improviser
Janice Isabel Jackson has sung over 220 world premieres, many written specifically for her, and performed with contemporary music ensembles and in concert halls around the world – Beijing, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Torino, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Berlin, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and more.  She has appeared in countless contemporary music festivals including the November Festival (Ghent), Wien Modern (Vienna), Ludwigs Lust (Hamburg), The Proms (Amsterdam), IRCAM (Paris), Big Torino 2000 (Turin), and the Diem Festival of Electro-acoustic music (Denmark).  She has sung with many orchestras throughout Europe and in Canada, and in 2015 she performed the world premiere of Jerome Blais’ Songs for Milena with Symphony Nova Scotia.  She recently performed a new program in Halifax’ Open Waters Festival 2017 entitled PROTEST, featuring five works for voice and sound score highlighting various protests around the globe.  She is also Artistic Director of the Halifax based contemporary vocal music society Vocalypse Productions.

Anne-Cécile Cuniot (France) – bass flute, octobass flute
Anne-Cécile is a musician who is seriously invested in a wide repertoire.  She is solo flautist with Ensemble Zellig and the Pelléas Chamber Orchestra, co-soloist with the Orchestre Colonne, and flautist in the Calliopée and Musica Nigella ensembles.  In addition to her orchestral activity (Opera de Paris, Orchestre National d’Ile de France, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France) and ensembles (EIC, TM+, Oblique Music, etc.), she has performed numerous chamber music and solo recitals in various festivals in France and abroad (Autumn in Normandy, Presences in Radio-France, La Meije, Pablo Casals in Prades, Ultima in Oslo, Cal Performance in Berkeley, USA).

Etienne Lamaison (France) – double bass clarinet
Etienne Lamaison is the first solo clarinetist of the Orchestra Métropolitain de Lisbonne and also performs regularly with the Orchestra Symphonique de Bretagne.  A doctor in musical interpretation with a thesis on the interpretation of non-procedural graphical scores, Lamaison is a well-established chamber musician.  He performs as a soloist with, among others, the Orchestra National d’Île de France, Orchestra Metropolitana in Lisbon, Ensemble 2E2M, and Ensemble Alternance.  Concerts have taken him to Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea, where he has also given masterclasses.  He has participated in numerous festivals such as Radio France’s Présence Festival, October in Normandy, and Dias da Música.  Numerous new compositions have been created especially for him.

Silvia Lenzi (Italy) – viola da gamba, cello
Silvia Lenzi began her career in Italy, playing in different ensembles such as the RAI Orchestra in Rome, the Toscanini Orchestra in Parma, and as cellist of the quartet Nuovo Quartetto Artis.  Based in Paris since 1996, Lenzi plays the modern cello, the baroque cello, and the viola da gamba, interpreting the repertoire of all periods.  With Ensemble Zellig she plays both cello and viola de gamba, on which she is developing new playing techniques.  She has performed in prestigious festivals such as the Présences festival at Radio-France, Musica in Strasbourg, Autumn in Normandy, Festival d’Avignon, GMEM in Marseille, and Quimper’s Musical Weeks.  She also plays regularly with ensembles of ancient music such as the Lacrimae Consort, Ensemble A Sei Voci, The Chamber of Roy Grande Ecurie, and the ensemble Les Jeunes Solistes.

CO2 Ensembles 

Ensemble Zellig (France)
Ensemble Zellig was founded in 1999 by French composers Thierry Pecou and Gualtiero Dazzi.  Since 2009, under artistic director Ivan Morane (former director of the Albi National Stage), the ensemble has focused on multidisciplinary projects including the work of eminent authors, singers, poets, choreographers, and/or visual artists.  The ensemble is also inspired by the dynamic of creation, with a composer in residence every year since 2009.  Ensemble Zellig has performed on important stages the world over, including the Théâtre du Châtelet, the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil, the CentQuatre, as well as abroad in Europe, the USA, Mexico, and Ecuador.  The combination of modern, rare, and baroque instruments makes Ensemble Zellig unique in the contemporary music scene.

Duo Autres Voix de Piano (France)
Duo Autres Voix de Piano is comprised of Patrick Defossez (composition, percussion, programming/laptop, piano) and Anne-Gabriel Debaecker (live electroacoustics, piano, singing bowls, tam).  Both are very active in the milieu of contemporary creation and jazz in Europe, promoting what they call “Confluence Music”, which combines contemporary and electroacoustic music with jazz and free improvisation.  Their first performance was Pourquoi tant de … ?, a framework-score designed to be performed with a flexible instrumentation.  Since then, they have performed this work in performance halls across Europe.  In 2012, the duo paid tribute to sculptor Parvine Curie at the Collégiale Saint-Martin in Angers, in a composition called Sculpture de Muses with dancer Mathieu Ducouret, poetry by Yves Jouan and Valérie Rouzeau, and audio-visual performance art by Sylvie de Meurville.  Currently they are working together with famous French poet Jean-Bernard Pouy and inventor Mathieu Chamagne and his Conceptor technology on CO2 – Cycle de Lieder for new music vocalist, ensemble of rare, early, and low instruments, piano, keyboard, live electronics, Chamagne’s Conceptor, and glass singing bowls.  Read more: Association2d’Lyres-DuoAutresVoixdePiano (French Version)

Organizations instrumental to CO2 – Cycle de Lieder

Vocalypse Productions (Canada)
Vocalypse Productions was incorporated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2006 by new music vocalist and improviser Janice Isabel Jackson.  Vocalypse creates, commissions, and presents unique concerts featuring the voice in 20th and 21st century music.  Since its inception, Vocalypse has presented over 40 productions, everything from new opera and vocal improvisation to new art song and new music theatre.  In season 2015-16, Vocalypse presented the world premiere of Tim Brady’s new opera Ghost Tango for two singers, electric guitar, and live video processing, based on a libretto by award winning poet Douglas Burnet-Smith, as well as a  1½ hour song cycle Le Tombeau de Barbeau by Jerome Blais, based on the ethnomusicological recordings of Marius Barbeau.  Vocalypse’s most recent production during Upstream Music Association’s Open Waters Festival was PROTEST, which focused on works for soprano and female improv choir and included three world premieres.  It highlighted multiple social and political issues, including the plight of Italian workers in the 1950s, the struggles of British suffragette Ethyl Smyth, and Yoko Ono’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump.  Vocalypse also produces Opera From Scratch, an annual one week international new opera workshop for composers and singers.

L’Association 2d’Lyres (France)
Located in Reims, France, 2d’Lyres promotes innovative, transdisciplinary creations/productions and supports the research, creation, distribution, and production of contemporary musical works, including electroacoustic and improvised music.  This past season 2d’Lyres presented Patrick Defossez’s solo piano composition Matin calme in Pasadena and Los Angeles, USA, and A Miles Never Made 3 Minutes for cello and piano in the Festival Osmose (Bruxelles Belgique), as well as a series of pieces entitled Cadenza Onirica including specific creations for Bass Clarinets Quatuor; for mezzo-sopranos quartet; for percussion solo; for a quintet of soprano, bass clarinet, piano, electroacoustic, percussion.  In 2015-16, 2d’Lyres presented Les Sept Vitraux du Château Intérieur for the show The Interior Castle with company Musica Aperta in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Sainte Teresa of Avila in Boston and Houston, USA.  In 2015 they recorded and presented a new CD entitled Quatre = Onze == (7) at Neos Music in Munïch, Germany, which was named one of the Best CD’s in the 2015 The New York City Jazz Record.

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© crédit photo Raynald Najosky pour CO2- Cycle de Lieder – 2018 – une coproduction de l’Association 2d’Lyres / ensemble Zellig / Vocalypse Productions.