Multmedia Imagery


                                         © Raynald Najosky –

Incorporated into CO2 – Cycle de Lieder is the multimedia imagery, developed and created by French composer, new instrument creator Mathieu Chamagne.

View Mathieu’s work here:

Mathieu is a developer of electroacoustic instruments that mix analogical and digital synthesizers and prepared sound objects.  He manipulates data, images, and sounds in real time, creating multimedia performances which combine theatre, cinema, poetry, dance, visual art, and improvised music.

For CO2 – Cycle de Lieder, Mathieu creates a stunning visual fusion between the Jean-Bernard Pouey’s text, the face of the soprano, and text which is written on ipads by the audience in the 3rd part of the show.  His ability to create real time manipulations of these elements is both breathtaking and highly evocative.

Photo Credit
© crédit photo Raynald Najosky pour CO2- Cycle de Lieder – 2018 – une coproduction de l’Association 2d’Lyres / ensemble Zellig / Vocalypse Productions.