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CO2 – Cycle de Lieder
Contemporary chamber opera, multimedia – acoustic, digital, visual
a trans-disciplinary, collaborative work

CO2 – Cycle de Lieder is an ongoing project for Patrick Defossez and Anne-Gabriel Debaecker for the past several years.  Here is a demo of various iterations including bass clarinets quartet, cymbols and singing bowls, mezzo sopranos quartet, and piano quintet.  Listen Here

Performances and compositions by Patrick Defossez and Anne-Gabriel Debaecker:

Cadenza Onirica (2016 percurser to CO2 – Cycle de Lieder) – by composers Patrick Defossez and Anne-Gabriel Debaecker, 2016 Performance Teaser

Quatre = Onze == (7) – Patrick Defossez, composition, piano – Quatre = Onze == (7), Sacem, France, View and listen Here

Quatre = Onze == (7) – Duo L’autre Voix de Piano – Patrick Defossez, composition, piano, percussion and Anne-Gabriel Debaecker, composition, keyboard, électroacoustique live – L’OEUVRE CON ALMA Sculptures de Muses,  View and listen Here

CO2 – Cycle de Lieder Musicians:  

Janice Isabel Jackson, soprano
L’autre face by Jean Claude Risset, Listen Here
Han No. 3 by Marie Pelletier, Listen Here

Ensemble Zellig
– CD recording of Jivaro’s Work – L’Oiseau de feu et autres transcriptions”.
View and listen Here
– A Musical walk through the exhibition Les Bêtes at the Musée Singer-Polignac,
View and listen Here
– De l’un à l’Autre, music by Stockhausen, Reich, Berio, Murakami, Hersant.
View and listen Here